Welcome to Christopher Koch's Criminal Activities Site

This site which is a reconstruction of Christopher Koch's official website, shows how this fraudulent attorney operates while colluding with corrupt district attorneys to help convict innocent clients.

Criminal and administrative charges are being sought against this corrupt and malicious attorney with law enforcement agencies and California State Bar. This attorney must be disbarred and put behind bars.

This attoreney is colluding with San Bernardino County District Attorney to retaliate against a person who has exposed county's crimes while operating with suspended license from California Secretary of State. See License.

SOS status means a suspension of license during which the corporate cannot do business. See Article.

The official website of Christopher Koch contains many legal deficiencies. This unprofessional and negligent attorney’s official website is a cesspool of false advertising designed to dupe potential clients into frivolous contracts. Nothing is true on this attorney's site.

Addresses posted on his site are all fake and nothing but satelite facilities. Koch's law office is registered to a condominium house located at 1650 Via Pacifica, Unit E104, Corona CA 92882. Testimonials are all fake. The phone is answered by answering service company and not an employee. The Comment Section is fabricated and out of service. There is nobody but Koch himslef running the fraud show. There are no associates.

See Fraudulent Mailer by This Two-Faced Fraudster

It is a criminal violation of Business and Professions Code section 17500 to engage in false advertising.

It is a violation of Attorney Rule of Professional Conduct Rule 1-400 to advertise falsely in regards to the content of the advertising and any contact information such as the address. It is also a violation to have testimonials posted on a site without the required disclosure: “A "communication" which contains testimonials about or endorsements of a member unless such communication also contains an express disclaimer such as "this testimonial or endorsement does not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter."

According to California Online Privacy Protection Act (CalOPPA), it is a violation of Business and Professions Code §§ 17200-17209 to not have privacy disclosures posted on a website and subject to prosecution.

Christopher Koch is also currently in collusion with San Bernardino County District Attorney, Mike Ramos, to cover up the biggest criminal endeavor ever undertaken by a US government agency in regards to a mortgage fraud. See SanbernardinoCounty.online.

It is a criminal Violation of Penal Code sections 182, and 135 to conspire and conceal evidence in a criminal matter.

This attorney has also attempted extortion since becoming aware of this website. Extortion is a criminal offense.

Criminal and administrative sanctions are being sought against this white-collar criminal – for Extortion, Conspiracy, Concealing Evidence, Fraud, and False Advertising – in order to get him out of law practice and behind bars.

This corrupt attorney is also listed on a terrorist watch list:

Terrorist List

This attorney is also desperate and delinquent in his

There are many disgruntled and unsatisfied customers fuming about this attorney. See their reviews below:

We will fight for you

See Yelp Reviews About This Two-Faced Fraudster

See City Search Reviews About This Two-Faced Fraudster

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